Friday, June 11, 2010

F i t C l u b
Your Total Fitness Solution

Fit Club is the best way fat loss, get toned up and have fun. If there was a better way we would be doing it. We know how to get you the body composition (“look’) you want in the fastest time possible. We are results people and are willing to bet our reputation that you will get the look you want quicker at Fit Club than anywhere else. We blur the line between strength training and cardio, while integrating functional and injury preventive training. You have never experienced anything like it that is why we are offering a risk free trial for $19 for 30 days of Fit Club.

There is absolutely no way to describe Fit Club without inviting you to try it.

Fit Club is a complete fitness system, bringing personal fitness coaching to a small group environment. It is Fit Club’s belief that everyone, independent of their primary goal will benefit from developing better mobility, flexibility, strength, power, elasticity, stamina, endurance, agility and balance. The better that you develop all of these qualities, the more you increase your ability to deal effectively with the activities of daily life, enjoy doing what you like to do and rid yourself of that constant low-grade pain most of us live with on a daily basis. Beside the truth is your physique follows fitness and you will get the body you desire in the process

Too many practices are partial solutions to the bigger fitness picture. We believe in the benefit of such modalities as aerobics, bodybuilding, yoga & functional training. Yet for most people, none of them by their self is sufficient to meet all the needs of the real world and get the look you want. Besides who has the time to take a dozen different classes every week. At Fit Club we are not tied to a single modality, we use each as a tool to reach our ends of complete fitness and better orthopedic health. We do this in a scientific rational manner to create a balanced program that systematically creates the look you want and the energy and health you need.

Fit Club will be the best part of your day. We believe in the power of play. We will we use a multitude of tools from agility ladders to kettle bells, which not only change the stability demands of an exercise but make training more fun. We believe in the power of play and make fitness fun through partner exercises & games. At Fit Club There will always be something fun that you have never done or seen before. We encourage you to try new things in a safe environment, but never feel uncomfortable or out of place.

This is a system to meet the needs of “Real” people who want a professional to design a safe effective program for them and may not have the money to invest in personal training. At Fit Club you not only have a professional designing your program, you have someone that can make sure you execute the program with good form to ensure rapid results and reduce your risk of injury. The wrong fitness program can cause more problems than you started creating bad posture and imbalances. With the right program you can change the quality of your life forever. Fit club is for people tired of fads and looking for a mature approach to total fitness. Don’t leave your fitness to chance, join us at Fit Club and let us be your fitness experts.

Fit Club is flexible and convenient with one-hour sessions 3 times a week at at 3 different times. Choose your time and schedule Fit Club when it is convenient for you.

Try us risk free, with no commitment for 30 days for only $19. If after 30 days you don’t believe Fit Club would be good value for your fitness dollar, just walk away. If you believe that the personal attention and results are of high value, just join us and change your life.

Thank You for considering Fit Club,

Jason Kerner, ACE-CPT

Fit Club Schedule

You can participate in Fit Club 3 times a week!!!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Choose from the 10:30am, 5:00pm or 6:00pm classes.

Located at the Buckhannon Fitness Center
Wendlings Plaza
Buckhannon WV 26201


Regular Pricing is:

$49/ month
$129/ 3 months
$7/ day

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

This week at Fit Club

Well, 500lbs of kettlebells came in as well as 2 BOSU balls, 12 hoops and 10 green mini bands. All this means we will have some new tools to get things done. I'm really excited about the kettlebells. They will really allow us to do some new movements we could not do otherwise.

See ya'll Monday